Types of Cold Cut Sandwiches

Cold cuts aren’t only limited to the sliced ham and turkey you often store in the refrigerator for a quick sandwich. In fact, those basic kinds found in most grocery stores are just a tiny part of the vast category available, particularly when you have experience with exotic cuisine. Read on to learn more about some other popular types of cold cut sandwiches and bring more flavors to your daily meal. 

types of cold cut sandwiches

Types of Cold Cut Sandwiches

The various types of cold cut sandwiches can consist of a combination of different factors. The main difference between sandwiches is what meat you opt for. 

1. Poultry 

The chicken and turkey breast at the deli is typically made from various birds. They are thoroughly ground, then pressed and cooked together. If your cold cut sandwiches don’t specify, perhaps they only contain some parts. There are many categories of poultry cold cut. Cooked means they are treated with steam heat, while honey-roasted types are often oven-baked with a layer of honey. Another common option is smoked cut, which is roasted with smoke and might be treated with flavorings or liquid to enhance the flavors. Sometimes, chicken or turkey can be processed as pork or beef to create more options. 

2. Salami 

Salami is a type of specialty originated from Italy. It is typically a mix of pork and beef that can be added with garlic and spices for extra flavors. Genoa salami is probably the most popular version that is air-dried and hard. Cooked salamis like cotto, on the other hand, are much softer. Another kind of salami that many people often add to their cold cut sandwiches is soppressata, which contains fatty pork and peppercorns. 

3. Sausages 

Soft sausages, such as bologna and liverwurst, are American versions of forcemeat – a blend of fat and lean meat emulsified together by grinding, pureeing, or sieving. These are a popular staple in many parts of the country and can be produced from pork or beef, and sometimes lamb or veal. Sometimes, sausages can be smoked and seasoned with other spices to enhance the tastes and flavors. 

4. Hams 

Ham cold cuts can be found in a variety of cultures. The most popular category is probably the American ham, which can be cured either via smoke or a wet process. Also, it often uses honey or sugar as additional curatives. Germany hams, also known as Black Forest hams, are a typical example of wet-cured forms. When it comes to dry-cured categories, no option beats Italian prosciutto, which is characterized by salty, intense meat that can be sliced into super thin pieces for sandwiches and platters. These types of sandwiches are often popular during catered events such as weddings and more.

5. Beef 

Last but not least, beef cold cuts are also common at many deli counters. They might include typical roast beef, pastrami, or corned beef. Depending on the recipes, those categories might be cured with salt and some spices such as mustard seed, peppercorns, and bay leaves. They can be either dry-cured or seasoned. 

The Bottom Line 

Cold cut sandwiches are undoubtedly a mainstay in school lunchboxes, a perfect option to bring to work, or a tasty snack at home. However, we often stick to the same old recipes and forget to be creative with other combinations. With this list of the different types of cold cut sandwiches, we hope that you can have more ideas and enjoy your meal.

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